Winged Whimsy Weekly

Twas a good week in the life of this little flight attendant. I made a major life decision, which I’ll be sharing with my lovely readers soon. I also attended {Con-Nooga} with Darcy and friends back in Tennessee, which was mindblowingly awesome. (Check out my post from last year where we visited {Dragon Con} in Atlanta) This time, I actually got to be a character for cosplay, which was a first for this gal. As a kid who grew up with parents who owned a comic book store you’d think I’d have attended more cons, but alas, I am still a noob! Good times ensued though, I assure you.

I’m glad I get to fit a lighthearted post in before I move on to a very serious one, which I anticipate happening before next month is over. Sorry for building all kinds of tension/anticipation without any gratuitous relief, but such is life….


What I spend most of my time doing these days. Studying.


When I’m not studying or flying (sometimes both), I’m looking forward to coming back home with every ounce of my being. Is this not the most beautiful town ever?


Darcy’s Valentines Day creativity included champagne, a companion cube, flowers, jewelry and oh so much chocolate. He wins at heart stealing.


I made him an airline themed pop-up Valentine card. Voila!


I spend an inordinate amount of time at coffee shops. The white noise of people coming and going (buzzing, if they’re caffeinated enough) helps me study.


We have some talented latte artistes!


Me as Silk Spectre from Watchmen. Baby’s first cosplay! It was soooo much fun!


Darcy and his friend Cory were the Blues Brothers and they got put in “jail” at the con. Hilarious!


Where else would you be lucky enough to be hanging out with these guys? Con Nooga!


This guy was waiting for me to get lunch and play trivia. Yeah.





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