Winged Whimsy Weekly

Greetings aviation enthusiasts! It’s another week (well, in my dictionary anyway) of galavanting and sauntering around the country. The funny part is absolutely none of that last sentence is true. … Continue Reading →

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Winged Whimsy Weekly

Well, its that time again where I share with you my favorite snapshots from the week. I confess, some weeks I dont have too much of a camera bug, but … Continue Reading →

Grandmother and I this Thanksgiving

An Unexpected Roadtrip

In a job with infinite (read: free)  logistical possibilities, one would think it would be easy to get home for the holidays. Wrong. Maybe if you’ve worked for your airline … Continue Reading →


Winged Whimsy Weekly

Another outrageously long  highly anticipated couple of weeks  month  amount of time has passed since my last smattering of photos from my flight attending life. You’ll have to forgive my … Continue Reading →


Winged Whimsy…Monthly?

Hello everyone, I’m sorry  for pretty much falling off the radar this past month. Apparently spam bots have found my blog and I get several random comments every day. Usually … Continue Reading →

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Cosplay, and Conventions and Dragons, Oh My! (Atlanta, GA)

A couple of days ago, I got a call from scheduling with an option to go to Atlanta. Since I hail from Chattanooga, which is just a hop, skip and … Continue Reading →

she is so crazy! But I love her!

Hurry Up and Wait (aka my first couple weeks on the job!)

I’ve started keeping a moleskine notebook by my side at all times, because no matter how much I try to make a mental note of all the things I’ve done … Continue Reading →