Meet Ursula!

I wrote awhile ago about my roommates Jasmine and Aurora moving out and so much more has happened since then. Some of it good, some of it bad, and some of it very very ugly. Now that the whole enchilada has finally ended (over a month and a half later), Belle and I were ready for a new roomie. So, we put up an ad with hopeful hearts and got responses from lots of awesome ladies. One of those ladies was our new roomie, Ursula. Evidence enough for her awesomeness can be surmised by the mere fact that she picked the name Ursula when I asked who her favorite Disney princess was.

Some quick facts about our newest addition:

  • super extroverted, she can always be counted on to find fun things to go out and do
  • she lived and taught in Korea for a year
  • speaking of teaching, that’s what she does. She now teaches middle school. In Charlotte.
  • she makes a devilishly good from-scratch guacamole.
  • She has a long term boyfriend, who also moved to Charlotte. His roommates are equally super-fun and friendly.
  • She loves wine and can name all the presidents of the United States in order.

Need I say more? We’re very glad we found her (or she found us?) and can’t wait to get to know her better. Here’s a picture of us roommates hanging out at trivia last week (forgive the quality, its a night shot).

flight attendant blog

left to right: Ursula, me, Belle and our couch surfer friend Turner!


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