Sky Snippets: When Flight Attendants Attack!

I don’t know exactly how to write this post. I’m currently sitting here giggling so much I can hardly type, as I remember what happened two days ago. I was … Continue Reading →

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Sky Snippets: Medical Emergencies On A Plane

Before I begin, I’d like to clarify that I am not medically trained and have very little knowledge of how to save a life beyond the standard CPR course we … Continue Reading →


Regional vs. Mainline: A Flight Attendant’s Perspective

When I was applying to be a flight attendant last Fall, my approach was to leave no stone left unturned. I applied to obscure little airlines and all the big … Continue Reading →


Sky Snippets: Weird Beards

In this line of business, it is not unusual to see peculiar human quirks. Infact, we’re surrounded by them. After a relatively short amount of time, you become more or … Continue Reading →


Sky Snippets: Local Time

One of the¬†worst¬†phone calls a flight attendant can ever receive goes something likes this. Your alarm clock just went off, and you think you have an hour to get ready … Continue Reading →


Sky Snippets: Romancing the Stewardess

So, sometimes something funny, random or just plain crazy happens in flight and if I don’t write it down I forget about it before I can put it in a … Continue Reading →