Mute Articulations

A most unfortunate, yet interesting ailment has recently befallen me, and I have had no choice but to reflect upon its consequences (and of course, solicit the attention of my … Continue Reading →

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Winged Whimsy Weekly

Well, its that time again where I share with you my favorite snapshots from the week. I confess, some weeks I dont have too much of a camera bug, but … Continue Reading →

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Sky Snippets: Medical Emergencies On A Plane

Before I begin, I’d like to clarify that I am not medically trained and have very little knowledge of how to save a life beyond the standard CPR course we … Continue Reading →

Grandmother and I this Thanksgiving

An Unexpected Roadtrip

In a job with infinite (read: free)  logistical possibilities, one would think it would be easy to get home for the holidays. Wrong. Maybe if you’ve worked for your airline … Continue Reading →


Winged Whimsy Weekly

Another outrageously long  highly anticipated couple of weeks  month  amount of time has passed since my last smattering of photos from my flight attending life. You’ll have to forgive my … Continue Reading →