10 Signs You May *NOT* Be Right For A Career As A Flight Attendant


One of the top questions I get on this blog is about the lifestyle of a flight attendant from ladies and gents who aspire to be one, either whimsically or seriously. I always try to answer as honestly as I can, but frankly, I think its best to ask yourself whether YOU are right for the career, rather than if the career is right for you. Once you can answer with a resounding “Yes, I can!” then move on to the next post of similar nomenclature, 10 Signs You May Be Right For A Career As A Flight Attendant.

These are the same questions I asked myself before I left, and all during my tenure as an air hostess. My sincere hope is that some of you out there who are dreaming of a future in the sky might get some value out of my experience. Being a flight attendant is a lot of fun, but there are some major lifestyle changes you (and your influential loved ones) should be cool with first.

One more thing before you pack your bags: as you read through my list of “signs” I want you to assume you’re the rule and not the exception. Confused? Here’s what I mean. There are ALWAYS exceptions to any rule, but for the most part, from my experience, I am creating these scenarios based on a typical person who does or does not fit these descriptions. This job WILL change your life in some form or fashion; there’s no argument about that. The question is how it will affect you, and if that is for better or for worse in the long term.
There was a gal in my graduating class who quit her first week on the job because she hadn’t realized some of the aspects of being a reserve flight attendant were deal breakers for her.

Everyone is different. It is not uncommon for the fine men and women who are career flight attendants to have been on the job for 20, 30, 40 and even 50 years. If you’re right for it, you’ll know and you’ll love it forever. The reciprocal, however, is also true.

  1. You may not be right for a career as a flight attendant if you are newly in love. When I jetted off to training in February 2013, I was still riding a high from a new relationship. Both of us knew we wanted to be together regardless of how far apart we might be in my new career. However, we had no idea how hard this actually was. Unfortunately for most relationships and marriages, becoming a flight attendant is a death blow. I can’t tell you how many flight attendants I’ve known whose relationships deteriorated soon after their career began. Having meaningful quality time and ample communication is essential to a healthy marriage/relationship/friendship and being away all the time makes this nigh impossible. On the other hand, relationships that are already on stable ground or in the same city as you are based have a much better shot.
  2. You may not be right for a career as a flight attendant if you love living in your current city or town. Leaving for a week on vacation is one thing, but as a flight attendant being “home” will be a much rarer occasion. I’ve known some co-workers who drive as much as 2.5 hours to get back to their hometown when theyre done with a trip just so they can sleep in the same house as their families. It’s one thing if you don’t really consider where you grew up or are currently living as “home”, but if you’re like me you’ll tire of never spending time where your roots are. This was an unexpected side effect for me, because I thought this job would do anything but make me a homebody.
  3. You may not be right for a career as a flight attendant if you have small children. I get asked by a lot of mothers whether or not you can do this job and still be a parent. The answer is yes and no. Yes, you can still get hired, but no you won’t be able to be around to raise your kid very well. I’ve flown with lots of flight attendants who are mothers and it was a constant source of conflict in their families. They had to rely on friends, relatives or daycare workers to pick up the slack, which was stressful and at times contentious as you can imagine. Even for those of you who will live in the same city as you are based, you must accept that several days out of the week at least (more during the summer’s vacation flight boom) away from your family. Any way you slice it, someone is getting the short end of the stick. If I was a mother, I would never have jetted off. My advice is, unless you have children who are grown or mostly grown, your best bet is not to subject yourself or your family to the vagabond lifestyle. Family comes first, because your kids are only little once.
  4. You may not be right for a career as a flight attendant if your plans revolve around your social life. As a flight attendant you more or less will have the same lifestyle as a touring rock star. You  never see the same crowd twice, are in different hotels every night and {never in the same place} for longer than a day. This is great news for your passport and bad news for your close friendships. If you don’t mind the majority of your interactions with your peeps to be over phone/skype/facebook then you’ll do fine. However, I missed talking to people who really knew me and got tired of repeating the elevator speech of my life to every new crew I flew with. Don’t get me wrong, the travel is fun and your fellow crew members are awesome (and I made lots of cool friends) but it was nearly impossible to schedule events and birthdays and visits because my life revolved around my flight schedule.
  5. You may not be right for a career as a flight attendant if you have large debts. One obvious way the life of a FA is different than a rock star is starting out {you’ll make between 16-18k per year}. This is basically peanuts, but remember you’ll be able to fly anywhere for free and it lessens the sting a little. If you’re a person with no debt and low cost of living, then you’re a prime candidate. However, if you own a home, or recently bought a car or have expensive tastes, the first year on the job is going to stretch your bank account very thin. You do NOT need the hassle of worrying about how to pay for your cellphone bill when scheduling is depending on you to answer you phone at all times. Not to mention when you go to training, you are likely going to be unpaid and living out of pocket for at least a month.
  6. You may not be right for a career as a flight attendant if you are not a loner. This is one reason why I thought I was perfect to be a air hostess: I absolutely adored the {autonomy of the job}. There’s no supervisor breathing down your neck while you pour drinks, no bitchy employees you can’t stand, or emails to send. You’re a free agent, just showing up to the gate when you’re needed. However, for those of you who can’t stand being alone in a hotel room when the flights are over, you may find being a flight attendant a bit tedious. You will spend a significant part of your layovers by your lonesome (unless you score a really social crew that goes out together.)
  7. You may not be right for a career as a flight attendant if you are a germaphobe. Of all the jobs I’ve had, I got sick the most as a flight attendant. Over the first year you forge an immune system of steel because you are literally trapped in a steel tube full of recycled sneezes, farts and burps. Sorry if I come across crude, but its the truth. Don’t get me started on the galleys or what people leave in their seatback pockets. Even with cleaning crews coming on the plane in between flights it is crawling with guck, goo and germs. Bring sanitizer with you, or don’t take this job if you’re the queasy type.
  8. You may not be right for a career as a flight attendant if you have no patience for stupid people. In the air you will meet some of the coolest, nicest and most interesting people ever. These people will make it worth it and keep you smiling. You will also meet some of the creepiest, oddest and socially maladjusted nincompoops who ever crawled the surface of this planet. You will wonder what distant barnacle they scuttled out from under before they boarded your flight. If you aren’t able to grin and bear it and stay professional (and not strangle them with your demo belt) then don’t bother applying.
  9. You may not be right for a career as a flight attendant if you cant be on time to save your life.  Oh boy. I can’t stress this one enough. {Time is everything} as a flight attendant. There is a saying that right on time is late and early is on time. This is very true. There’s a reason you’re required to wear a watch as part of your uniform—everywhere you go, {everything you do is timed}. If you’re  habitually a “fashionably late” kind of person, your butt will be gone before the ink has dried on your contract.

  10. You may not be right for a career as a flight attendant if you’re picky about what you eat. As it turns out, airports and hotels have some of the most uninspired (and nutritionally devoid) meal options you will ever see. It will be many months before I can look a Chex Mix or Famous Amos cookies the same again. There are ways to {pack your own lunch} and eat well while on a trip, but if you forget or aren’t the plan-head-every-meal type, this may be difficult for you.

Anyways, I’m sorry to seem like such a negative Nancy. Call this the tough love post. If you’ve read this and are still interested, odds are in your favor.

Have I forgotten anything? Have any thoughts? Enjoyed my post? Hated it?  Please leave me a comment!


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